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Runner Tracking

The AACR Philadelphia Marathon, Dietz & WatsonHalf Marathon and Rothman 8K are offering two types of Runner Tracking!

 BibTag/Chip Tracking:

Receive alerts as runners cross timing equipment on the course. These are issued at the 10K, Half Marathon, 30K and Finish and delivered to family members' cell phones. Note: there is no set up required for the runner.  Sign up here!

 Phone/GPS Tracking & Cheer Sending:

Use the RaceJoy app to track runner’s actual position in a map view as they complete the course. Progress updates are sent every mile and you can send supportive cheers throughout the day. Note: The runner MUST carry their phone and activate tracking in RaceJoy for you to track them. If you can’t find them in RaceJoy, use the Bib Tag tracking listed above. You can download the free app here.