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Volunteer Guidelines


-Volunteers must carry a photo ID with them at all times during their assignment and be prepared to show this to race officials and security personnel, upon request.
-Volunteers must wear their 2017 AACR Philadelphia Marathon volunteer sweatshirt/t-shirt and credential (if provided).
-If at any time during your assignment you have a problem, notify your team captain immediately, who will inform the proper authorities.
-Dress appropriately – casual and for the weather. Wear comfortable shoes.
-Do not bring backpacks, cameras, or other valuables with you to your assignment. The race is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
-Volunteers are required to obey the "No Smoking" and "No Alcohol" policy for the duration of their assignment.
-Refreshments will be provided for volunteers checking in at the Health & Fitness Expo or for race events. --Volunteers working along the race course should bring a lunch.
-Volunteers working Food and Fluid Distribution at the start, along the course and at the finish line will be given vinyl gloves that must be worn at all times.
-As a volunteer, be prepared to answer many types of questions. Take pride in your role. Familiarize yourself with the course maps and Start/Finish diagrams and all weekend events.